Don't travel to Italy without the best Italy vacation guide around! The award-winning travel newsletter, Dream of Italy, offers savvy, insider Italy travel advice on Italian destinations from Cinque Terre to the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany to Sicily. We cover Italy villa rentals, new Italy hotels and restaurants, Italy vacation packages, shopping in Italy, private guides in Rome and Venice, etc. We'll give you the Italy travel information you need to make your Italy vacation a once-in-a-lifetime travel event! Don't visit Italy without Dream of Italy.Don't travel to Italy without the best Italy vacation guide around! The award-winning travel newsletter, Dream of Italy, offers savvy, insider Italy travel advice on Italian destinations from Cinque Terre to the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany to Sicily. We cover Italy villa rentals, new Italy hotels and restaurants, Italy vacation packages, shopping in Italy, private guides in Rome and Venice, etc. We'll give you the Italy travel information you need to make your Italy vacation a once-in-a-lifetime travel event! Don't visit Italy without Dream of Italy.
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Venice Italy Travel Articles

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How can you even begin to introduce a place such as Venice or Venezia? Words don't do it justice and it is impossible to compare it to other places because nothing else on Earth compares. Perhaps it is time to invoke a famous writer or two to explain the meaning of La Serenissima. Mary Shelley wrote, "There is something so different in Venice from any other place in the world, that you leave at once all accustomed habits and everyday sights to enter an enchanted garden."  Erica Jong wrote of Venice, "It is the city of mirrors, the city of mirages, at once solid and liquid, at once air and stone."

The following articles are free for all readers to access:

New, Hip Venice Hostel Aimed at Baby Boomers
How to Visit The 2013 Venice Biennale
Cristina Gregorin: One of the Best Local Tour Guides in Venice
New Hop-On, Hop-Off Vaporetto in Venice
Insider's Advice for Christmas in Venice and New Year's Eve in Venice
Venice Travel Videos
Tour Venice in a New Way with Venice Kayak
Art Classes in Italy: Study at a Mosaics Workshop in Venice
Which Venice Museums Are Open on Mondays
Italy Events Calendar: What's Happening in Italy This Year

The articles below are available to paid subscribers only:

Live The Writing Life in Italy at These Writing Retreats (March 2015)
Most writers agree that taking a retreat can be the best way to refresh your artistic perspective and get words on the page, and even more of them would agree that taking a retreat in Italy is the best way to get a new lease on life! We've collected six of these events that writers at any level can join. . . . read more
Take A Walk with Me: Daily Life in Venice (October 2014)
This American expat in Venice says visitors are more fascinated by her daily shopping than visiting museums. She provides a window on daily life and the best food stores in Venice. . . . read more
Italy's Best Cooking Schools: Venice, Veneto and Trentino (Sept. 2014)
Whether you're high up in the mountains or along the sea, we have some very special cooking classes for you in Trentino Alto Adige, Venice and the Veneto. Don't visit these areas without looking at this list! . . . read more
Finding Real Murano Glass in Venice (June/July 2014)
Glass that was once strictly made on the island of Murano is being imported from China and passed off as Murano glass. If you come to Venice and want to find real Murano glass, here's how to do it. . . . read more
Where to Buy Real Murano Glass in Venice (June/July 2014)
With the influx of fake Murano glass from China, well tell you where to shop confidentally, both in Venice and in Murano proper, to buy real Murano glass. . . . read more
The Last Gondola Makers of Venice (April 2014)
Today, only about 400 gondola glide through the waterways of Venice, and each year, fewer are turned out by hand. A small group of specialized master boat builders working in historic boatyards now holds the craft--literally--in its hands. . . . read more
Italian Food Rule: Baccalà Binds and Divides Italy (March 2014)
In the U.S. you can count on finding a burger at every truck stop, small town or major city. In the U.K. the same could be said about fish and chips. In Italy, it's baccalà (salt cod). . . . read more
Exploring Venice with Kids (Dec 2013/Jan 2014)
Venice is a magical city and even more magical in the eyes of children. One of our favorite contributors, Rebecca Winke, takes her 9-year-old and 12-year-old to La Serenissima and reports back with some amazing finds including cooking classes for kids. . . . read more
Venice with Kids: What to Do, Where to Stay, Where to Eat (Dec 2013/Jan 2014)
All the details from our main story "Exploring Venice with Kids" - family-friendly places to eat and sleep as well as child-friendly tours and a great cooking class for kids. . . . read more
Hit Parade: Tips for Taking the Kids to Venice (Dec 2013/Jan 2014)
Our writer shares specific tips from her family trip to Venice, everything from transportation to souvenirs. . . . read more
New Hotels Opening in Italy in 2014 (Nov. 2013)
2014 brings a slew of interesting new hotel openings in Italy including Potrait Firenze (another luxury hotel from the Lungarno Collection) and the JW Marriott Venice Resort. . . . read more
My Venetian Pleasures: A Spa, Vivaldi, Murano Beads and A Church of Miracles (April 2013)
La Serenissima, meaning "the most serene," is the nickname of the magical city of Venice. Follow me as I wander through the city looking for enchanting experiences that you too can indulge in when you visit the city. . . . read more
Cooking Up A Storm in Venice: Two Cooking Classes With Local Chefs (March 2013)
The best way for a traveler to experience Italy's abundant heart is to take a cooking class. Recently, in Venice, contributor Susan Van Allen had kitchen time with two native chefs. You can do the same with their half-day cooking classes. . . . read more
New Hotels in Venice: Aman Canal Grande and New Marriott Coming to Venice (March 2013)
The super luxurious Aman Canal Grande is opening in Venice in June 2013. In 2014, a new Marriott will open in Venice on a private island. . . . read more
Great Local Tour Guides in Venice and the Veneto (Dec. 2012/Jan. 2013)
The exquisite city of Venice is so rich in history, art, intrigue and gastronomy that you simply have a local guide show you the hidden treasures. Then get out into the countryside of Veneto - explore Verona, Vicenza, the Palladian villas and even some outdoor adventure. . . . read more
In Praise of Doubt at Venice's Punta della Dogana (April 2012)
The Dogana's current exhibit, "In Praise of Doubt" runs through December 31, 2012. It features works by artists including Jeff Koons, Thomas Schütte and Julie Mehretu, which interrogate our conceptions of certainty, uncertainty and identity.  . . . read more
Venice Restaurants: Eat Like The Real Venetians (March 2012)
With millions of tourists visiting Venice Italy each year, how do you find authentic places to dine and eat. Do as the Venetians do and enjoy these four Venice restaurants and wine bars frequented by Venetians themselves. . . . read more
Venetian Gastronomic Glossary to Help You in Venice Restaurants (March 2012)
If you're going to eat in Venice Italy, you better know all of the Venetian gastronomic terms. Do you know what a bacaro is? How about tramezzini? Bring our glossary with you to a Venice restaurant or wine bar! . . . read more
Shopping in Venice: Where to Buy Affordable Glass Jewelry on Murano (March 2012)
If you're visiting the island of Murano in Venice, chances are you want to buy some Murano glass jewelry. We share two shops on Murano where you can buy affordable and authentic pieces of Murano glass jewelry. . . . read more
Sleuthing for Art in Venice - Part 1
Just how much art can you see in one vacation in Venice? Our writer plots her art hunt through Venice's churches and museums to its most beguiling treasures. This is only Part 1 of her journey. . . . read more
Sleuthing for Art in Venice - Part 2
Just how much art can you see in one vacation in Venice? Our writer plots her art hunt through Venice's churches and museums to its most beguiling treasures. Read on for details on part 2 of her journey. . . . read more
Exploring Italy's Po Valley on A Hotel Barge
On our route from Mantua to Venice, we visited several provincial cities with ancient roots, plus a winery, markets and a villa. The boat was accompanied by a minibus and a guide, who transported us to sites along the way. Half a day was sightseeing, and the other half was relaxing on the boat . . . read more
Venice: An Apartment Rental with A View - With Video
I could hear it before I could see it. Notes of O Sole Mio rang out from a gondolier as passed just feet from the bedroom window, passing through the sitting room window and turning the corner and passing through the other sitting room window. Check out this amazing Venice apartment rental. . . . read more
Experience Venice Through a Photo Tour
Whether you have a point-and-shoot camera or you're an advanced photographer, see Venice in a new way with a photography tour that reveals the best places for photos of Venice and tips to make your shots shine. . . . read more
Art Classes in Italy: Mask-Making Workshop in Venice
Burned out on museums? Already seen the major sites and looking for something a bit more hands on during your stay in Italy? We have just the thing-- learn to make Carnevale masks in Venice! . . . read more
City of Venice Unveils New Booking Web Site
The city of Venice this month launched a new Web site offering visitors discounted rates for booking their museum and transportation passes and the like before arriving in Venice. . . . read more
Venice Hotels: Four of Our New Favorites in Venice
When you want to stay close enough to Piazza San Marco to be close to the action but want to avoid touristy hotels, one of these four establishments might be just what you are seeking. . . . read more
Venice Italy Travel Videos
Don't miss our new travel videos--experience or relive the sights and sounds of Piazza San Marco and beyond in Venice, Italy. Also, don't miss our expert tips on apartment rentals in the region. . . . read more
Take a Walk on the Gourmet Side of Venezia with a Culinary Tour of Venice
Venice has a very rich and flavorful past, one that can be explored through history, art, architecture and through one unique Venice tour guide, through food. Read on for art historian and wine expert Sara Cossiga's tips. . . . read more
What's Old is New Again: Site Openings, Reopenings in Sicily, Venice, Rome and Pompeii
Some historic sites in Italy have undergone some changes. Find out what is new at Sicily's Noto Cathedral, Venice's Torre d'Orlogio and in museums in Rome and Pompeii. . . . read more
Noteworthy Italy Hotel Openings
Check out these new digs in Florence, Milan, Rome, Venice, Puglia, Sicily and Tuscany. Lots of new Italy hotels are opening up and we at Dream of Italy have all the info you need. . . . read more
Family Travel: Take the Kids to Italy
Taking the kids along on our trip to Italy this time sent unplanned itineraries and romantic interludes to be buried deep under piles of extra changes of clothes, favorite cuddlies, little books and toys, and pleas from us to leave that special pillow at home. Was this worth the effort? . . . read more
Bye-Bye Birdies? Banishing Pigeons from St. Mark's Square in Venice
Venetian officials have announced a new effort to rid St. Mark's Square of its famous pigeons. Despire their worldwide fame as a fixture of Piazza San Marco, the pigeons can be a serious urban health hazard. . . . read more
Lineadombra: Organic Venetian Cuisine
Heading to Venice, Italy and have your sights set on some fresh, delicious and organic cuisines? Try Lineadombra in the delightful Dorsoduro quarter of the city. . . . read more
Restaurant Roundup: Rome, Venice, Turin
Check out our first hand reviews of restaurants in Rome, Turin and Venice. Trust us, we have taken the time to personally test each and every restaurant ourselves. Wouldn't you like to? Head on over. . . . read more
All Aboard! Rome to Venice on the Orient-Express
While the London-Paris-Venice route is the train's most famous itinerary, few people realize it is possible to ride the Orient-Express within Italy itself, between Venice and Rome, and vice versa. . . . read more
Venetian Enchantment Resides at Ca Maria Adele
Brothers Alessio and Nicola Campa searched for five years to find the ideal location for their Venetian hotel, finally settling on a decaying 16th-century building, owned by the last descendant of an aristocratic family, a stone's throw from the church Santa Maria della Salute. . . . read more
Piazzas and Prosecco: Celebrating New Year's Eve in Italy (Free Italy Travel Advice)
New York's Times Square isn't the only square that knows how to throw a New Year's Eve party. Italy's city squares offer less flashy alternatives to the raucous New York crowds. . . . read more
The Dream Interview: John Berendt on Venice
John Berendt wrote about Savannah for "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," a record breaking four year New York Times bestseller. Now he takes on Venice in "City of Falling Angels." . . . read more
New Italy Hotels on the Horizon
There are a number of new Italy hotels poised to open in Florence, Venice, Rome, Capri and Rimini. Get the scoop on these new Italian hotels. . . . read more
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