Don't travel to Italy without the best Italy vacation guide around! The award-winning travel newsletter, Dream of Italy, offers savvy, insider Italy travel advice on Italian destinations from Cinque Terre to the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany to Sicily. We cover Italy villa rentals, new Italy hotels and restaurants, Italy vacation packages, shopping in Italy, private guides in Rome and Venice, etc. We'll give you the Italy travel information you need to make your Italy vacation a once-in-a-lifetime travel event! Don't visit Italy without Dream of Italy.Don't travel to Italy without the best Italy vacation guide around! The award-winning travel newsletter, Dream of Italy, offers savvy, insider Italy travel advice on Italian destinations from Cinque Terre to the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany to Sicily. We cover Italy villa rentals, new Italy hotels and restaurants, Italy vacation packages, shopping in Italy, private guides in Rome and Venice, etc. We'll give you the Italy travel information you need to make your Italy vacation a once-in-a-lifetime travel event! Don't visit Italy without Dream of Italy.
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Umbria Travel Articles

Umbria is Tuscany’s lesser known cousin. Yet, some think she’s the more beautiful of the two. This region in central Italy is home to olive groves and vineyards as well as world-class cities. Perugia, the region’s capital, is best known for its prestigious university for foreigners. The city glistens with architectural and artisic gems, from the Etruscan walls to the Palazzo dei Priori to Piazza IV NovembreAssisi, the town where Saint Francis was born, is one of the world's most popular Christian destinations. Gubbio offers medieval and renaissance treasures. Orvieto tells the story of the Etruscan people. The town of Spoleto holds an incredible arts festival each summer. Every corner of Umbria holds a surprise.

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The following articles are free for all readers to access:

Tom Cruise Rumored to Be Looking for Castle in Umbria
Deruta: Umbria's Ceramics Capital
Meet Umbria Tour Guide Anne Robichaud
A Woman, A Dog and Umbria - An Excerpt from the New Book Marcus of Umbria
Umbria Villa Rental: Fattoria del Gelso
A Chocoholic's Dream Come True in Perugia (Umbria)
Italy Events Calendar: What's Happening in Italy

The articles below are available to paid subscribers only:

Todi: The Charms of An Umbrian Town (November 2014)
Looking for a charming and relaxing town to visit in Umbria? Look no further than Todi. We let you in on the surprises of this Umbrian treasure and tell you where to stay, eat and shop while you're visiting. . . . read more
abOVO: Todi's Unexpected Treasure (November 2014)
Wander around the charming town of Todi in Umbria and you might just come across a world-class gallery full of unique contemporary designs. . . . read more
Italy's Best Cooking Schools: Umbria (Sept. 2014)
We have a host of delicious cooking classes in Umbria, whether you want a half-day lesson at a local B&B or a six-night food and instructional extravaganza known as Cucinapalooza. . . . read more
Dream of Learning Italian In Italy (June/July 2013)
Many dream of becoming immersed in the Italian language, learning Italian while visiting Italy opens up the country in a whole new way. Here is a first-hand report of two language schools in Rome and Umbria. . . . read more
Recommended Italian Language Schools in Italy (June/July 2013)
A round-up of great Italian language schools throughout Italy in Rome, Florence, Tuscany and Umbria. Spend your vacation learning the Italian language. Prego! . . . read more
"Green" Umbria's Greenest Winery (June/July 2013)
This Umbria vineyard offers eco-tours to those curious to visit their cellar, learn about their revolutionary viticulture practices, drive their environmentally-friendly electric vehicles through the rolling vineyards, and--most importantly, stop in their chic new Green Wine Bar. . . . read more
Umbria Vineyard: An Otherwordly Homage to Sagrantino (June/July 2013)
A great place sip and swirl different vintages of this Sagrantino,known to be one of the most tannic varietals in the world,one of the region's newest wineries and architectural wonders! . . . read more
An Insider's Guide to Assisi Italy (May 2013)
Since the pope took the name of St. Francis of Assisi, there has been a surge of interest in the central Italy town of Assisi. We have an in-depth guide from an American expat who has lived in and explored the town for 20 years. . . . read more
All the Details on Assisi: Where to Stay, Eat and Shop (May 2013)
When your travels take you to Assisi in Umbria, we have all of the details on where to spend your time in this Franciscan treasure, from hotels and B&Bs to trattorias and unique shops. Plus other sites worth visiting in addition to the Basilica of St. Francis. . . . read more
Great Local Tour Guides in Umbria, Le Marche and Abruzzo (February 2013)
Ah central Italy...filled with so many lovely hilltowns. How to see it all? With a great local guide. This list shares our favorites in Le Marche, Umbria and Abruzzo. . . . read more
Own a Piece of the Dream: Fractional Ownership in Italy (September 2012)
As many stand-alone second homeowners discover, in Italy and elsewhere, the realities of long-distance management and upkeep prove challenging, as does the fact that the place can sit empty for much of the year. Enter fractional ownership...we detail three fractional ownerships in Tuscany, Umbri and Le Marche . . . read more
Three Historic Italian Libraries Worth Visiting (Feb. 2012)
Italy is home to a number of impressive historic libraries including the the unusual looking Biblioteca Sandro Penna in Umbria, the National Central Library of Florence and of course, the Vatican Library. . . . read more
NUN: True Luxury Hotel in Assisi
There are many things that Assisi gets right. Charm, for example. Magnificent views. Stunning art. Historic architecture. Also strong in the spirituality and religion department, of course.  One thing Assisi never seemed to get right --at least not until just recently -- was luxury. . . . read more
Get Schooled in Gelato on Your Next Trip to Italy
Have you ever visited a gelateria in Italy and been so enthralled that you fantasized about opening your own gelato shop back home? Well, your dreams can become reality with the training at one of Italy's "gelato universities." One of them even holds classes in the U.S.... . . . read more
A Woman, A Dog and Umbria
The new book Marcus of Umbria: What an Italian Dog Taught an American Girl About Love traces Justine van der Leun's funny and illuminating time spent in Collelungo, a 200-person farming village in central Umbria. Justine, a Brooklyn resident, met Emanuele, a local gardener, on vacation and impulsively moved in with him. She also meets a small, spotted dog that she names Marcus. . . . read more
In and Around Collelungo Umbria
The author of the new book Marcus of Umbria, Justine van der Leun introduces us to her former home village of Collelungo in Umbria and what there is to see and do around Todi. . . . read more
Dining the Umbrian Way: Best Restaurants in Umbria
Four great Umbria restaurants including the best wine bar to try local vino and authentic dishes, a casual eatery in the Umbria onion capital, the best trattoria to encounter a passionate Italian chef and an elegant dining experience in an ancient Roman amphitheater. . . . read more
Umbria Villa Rental: Il Casale di Mele Rosse
This relatively new farmhouse in the Italian region of Umbria comes with all you will need for a successful villa rental including a pre-programmed Tom-Tom GPS, owners on-site and a welcome wine tasting. . . . read more
Umbria Villa Rental: Le Vigne
Le Vigne's hilltop position, in Colombella ("a speck of a village"), place it on a short list of residences with extraordinary views . No detail has been missed at this elegant Umbria villa rental. . . . read more
Dipping a Toe into Umbria's Lake Trasimeno
In between Florence and Rome and close to Tuscany's Cortona and Umbria's capital of Perugia, Lake Trasimeno makes for a relaxing stopover or base for your Umbria vacation. . . . read more
Umbria Cooking School: Learn to Cook the Umbrian Way
Ready to roll up your sleeves and go to cooking school in Umbria? We've got the perfect place and the perfect cooking teacher at an agriturismo near Assisi. Plus recommended tour guides in Assisi. . . . read more
Up Close and Personal with Umbria's Truffles
Umbrian truffles are prized throughout Italy. Improve your knowledge of truffles and tempt your palate with a truffle hunt and cooking lessons featuring black and white truffles. . . . read more
Art Classes in Italy: Pottery Making and Painting Ceramics in Deruta
Enjoy a wonderful day in Italy's ceramics capital of Deruta, learning the art of ceramic painting and pottery making from some of the best experts in town. Deruta provides one of the most inspirational settings to let your creativity flow. . . . read more
Umbria Hotels: Charming Places to Stay in Umbria
Although many of us know the major cities of Umbria, such as Perugia and Assisi/ . . . read more
Screenwriting in Spoleto
We all have at least one screenplay in us, right? Maybe this is the summer to finally get it down on paper, and to do so in Italy and work with a true professional as a mentor. . . . read more
Cypresses and Cylinders: Travel Italy by Ferrari
The vehicle: a new Ferrari F430 F1. The country: Italy. You: behind the wheel. Sound like your wildest Italian dream? One company is ready to make it a reality. . . . read more
Quiet Umbria Surges with Spirit
Standing at an overlook at Orvieto's hidden Piazza San Giovenale with only a neighborhood cat vying for the spectacular view, I catch a late-afternoon sun dripping across Umbria's rolling hills, a pastoral scene lifted from the background of a 15th-century Perugino painting. . . . read more
A Guide to Umbria Towns
Ready to visit the different and very unique parts of Italy? This quick guide takes you through an exploration the not-to-miss highlights of the cities of Assisi, Deruta, Gubbio, Norcia, Orvieto, Perugia, Spoleto, and Todi. . . . read more
Get Your Sports Fix, Italian Style: Cycling, Running, Walking and Golfing in Italy
Planning a trip to Italy soon? We have just the thing for all of you sport-o-philes. Here are some ideas from our experts to get you on your way to biking, running, golfing, hiking or walking your way through Italy. . . . read more
Warm Up This Winter with Umbria Jazz
Looking for a cultural experience for your visit to Umbria this summer? Read on to find out how you can warm up this winter with the jazz from the Umbria jazz festival. . . . read more