Don't travel to Italy without the best Italy vacation guide around! The award-winning travel newsletter, Dream of Italy, offers savvy, insider Italy travel advice on Italian destinations from Cinque Terre to the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany to Sicily. We cover Italy villa rentals, new Italy hotels and restaurants, Italy vacation packages, shopping in Italy, private guides in Rome and Venice, etc. We'll give you the Italy travel information you need to make your Italy vacation a once-in-a-lifetime travel event! Don't visit Italy without Dream of Italy.Don't travel to Italy without the best Italy vacation guide around! The award-winning travel newsletter, Dream of Italy, offers savvy, insider Italy travel advice on Italian destinations from Cinque Terre to the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany to Sicily. We cover Italy villa rentals, new Italy hotels and restaurants, Italy vacation packages, shopping in Italy, private guides in Rome and Venice, etc. We'll give you the Italy travel information you need to make your Italy vacation a once-in-a-lifetime travel event! Don't visit Italy without Dream of Italy.
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Rome Travel Articles

Few cities in the world can compare with Rome Italy and it is so full of things to see and do, one would truly need a lifetime in the Eternal City to explore every corner. There are numerous ancient wonders - the Colosseum, the Forum, the Pantheon are some of the big ones but new ancient ruins are constantly being discovered. One of the ways in which is truly Eternal. For art, go the Borghese Gallery. For a touristy must, throw coins in Trevi Fountain. Sit on the Spanish Steps, too. Of course, another must-see is the country within the city of Rome -- Vatican City.  Visit the trendy neighborhoods of Trastevere and Monti. These are just a few of the highlights of a visit to Rome. (Photo by raphaelstrada,

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450 entries (with a lifetime of free updates) on hotels, restaurants, must-see sites, art, museums, shopping, cooking classes, walking tours, private guides, apartment rentals, culinary tours and more.

The following articles are free for all readers to access:

Restaurants in Rome: Dining in Valentino's Rome
Eat Pray Love as You Visit Rome Italy
A Secret Haven in Rome - Acquamadre Hammam
Let Angels Be Your Guide, The Angels and Demons Tour of Rome
See the Pope at Christmas and Throughout the Year
You Haven't Seen Rome Til You've Seen It With Enrico
Which Rome Museums Are Open on Mondays
Italy Events Calendar: What's Happening in Italy

The articles below are available to paid subscribers only:

Bernini's Rome: In the Footsteps of a Master (November 2014)
While walking the ancient, cobblestone streets of Rome, the last thing on most visitors' minds (one hopes) is spotting a celebrity. And yet, in the Eternal City, there's one star whose presence, even his face, can be seen all over town: Bernini. . . . read more
Bernini's Love Life (November 2014)
Gian Lorenzo Bernini had a raucous love life. Judging by his self-portraits in the Galleria Borghese, he was a dark eyed, intensely handsome guy, with a wide forehead and a full shock of dark hair. . . . read more
Italy's Best Cooking Schools: Lazio, Rome and Liguria (August 2014)
Learn to make a mean pesto in the region of Liguria. Take the kids to a child-friendly cooking lesson in Rome. Don't miss the best cooking classes in these areas of Italy. . . . read more
Gourmet Shopping Tour in Rome (March 2014)
Romans take their food shopping seriously. Gathering staples and ingredients for the coming days is more of a time-honored ritual of visiting small proprietors than a taxing series of errands. Experience this for yourself on the Rome Gourmet Walking Tour. . . . read more
Three New Hip Eateries in Rome - Including a Truffle Lounge (February 2014)
While traditional Roman dining offers its pleasures, this vibrant, modern city is full of new modern dining experiences including a truffle lounge, an American-inspired spot for bagels and burgers and a Paris-inspired café. . . . read more
Spotlight: Super Luxury at JK Place Roma (Nov. 2013)
Ori Kafri brings his winning formula from JK Place Florence and JK Capril to a new super luxury boutique hotel in Rome. . . . read more
New Hotels in Capri, Puglia, Rome and Sicily (Nov. 2013)
A refurbished gem in flashy Anacapri...A new 5-star in Bari's revitalized port...New properties in Rome...A guesthouse on the slopes of Sicily's Mount Etna . . . read more
New Hotels Opening in Italy in 2014 (Nov. 2013)
2014 brings a slew of interesting new hotel openings in Italy including Potrait Firenze (another luxury hotel from the Lungarno Collection) and the JW Marriott Venice Resort. . . . read more
Dream of Learning Italian In Italy (June/July 2013)
Many dream of becoming immersed in the Italian language, learning Italian while visiting Italy opens up the country in a whole new way. Here is a first-hand report of two language schools in Rome and Umbria. . . . read more
Great Local Tour Guides in Rome (February 2013)
These amazing guides will show you around the Eternal City in style - from the Vatican to ancient ruins, from food tours to sketch tours. Find the right Roman guide for you. . . . read more
Beer Tasting in Rome (Oct. 2012)
"Beer in Italy Is really an old story," our hostess tells us, "it dates back more than 3,000 years. But since the 1990s there has been a growing interest in birra artigianale by producers and a new generation of consumers." . . . read more
Rome Cooking Class: Cook Out of Your Comfort Zone (August 2012)
This native Roman chef has been using his talent and passion for cooking in his family's restaurants for over a decade. In January of this year, he opened up his own special spot in the heart of Trastevere where he invites in those with a hunger to learn Roman cooking. . . . read more
Eternal Luxury: Two New Rome Hotels (August 2012)
These boutique hotels have larger rooms than their counterparts with compelling designs that will never bore repeat visitors. The room rates for thee two new hotel are competitive compared to other 5-star properties in the city, affording some of us mere mortals the chance to live like emperors and empresses during our Roman holiday. . . . read more
New Rome Restaurant Pipero al Rex (April 2012)
At the new Rome restaurant Pipero al Rex, the service is attentive but not oppressive and the food is creative and surprising. Our favorite foodie Katie Parla reviews this hot new place in Rome. Read on for details. . . . read more
Three Historic Italian Libraries Worth Visiting (Feb. 2012)
Italy is home to a number of impressive historic libraries including the the unusual looking Biblioteca Sandro Penna in Umbria, the National Central Library of Florence and of course, the Vatican Library. . . . read more
How to Visit The Swiss Guards Armory in Vatican City (Feb. 2012)
While it isn't open to the general public, with a little advance planning, you might be able to secure a visit to the Swiss Guards Armory in Vatican City. Learn more about the Swiss Guards and see historical displays of their weapons and uniforms. . . . read more
Take a Mosaics Class in Rome Italy (Feb. 2012)
If you've already done the usual sights in Rome or are looking for a unique and artistic experience, why not take a hands-on mosaics class? We've got an affordable option to learn this ancient Roman craft. . . . read more
Rome Food Tour in Testaccio (Dec. 2011/Jan. 2012)
The working class neighborhood Testaccio is home to some of Rome's great culinary treasures -- both Roman delicacies and the personalities behind the food. This food tour's passionate tour guide will lead you through nine tastings and a unique Rome experience. . . . read more
Kenny Dunn's Favorite Rome Restaurants (Dec. 2011/Jan. 2012)
Here one of our favorite Rome food guides shares the restaurants that he loves in Rome. . . . read more
From Our New Rome Travel App: One of Rome's Best Gelaterias
Heading over to Rome? We have just the thing to cool you off from the summer heat. This unique gelateria near the Vatican serves what might be the best pistachio gelato in Rome, using fresh and flavorful pistachios plucked from the area near Sicily's Mount Etna. . . . read more
From Our New Rome Travel App: Private Rome Shopping Tour
No matter what it is you are looking for -- from antiques to leather -- surely one of Rome's magnificent shops or markets has it. But the Eternal City has so many hidden treasures, where to start? . . . read more
A New Affordable Rome Hotel in Trastevere
What a find our editor made when she discovered a small new hotel in the center of Rome's Trastevere neighborhood. Looks like a boutique place, but at a bargain price. . . . read more
Vino Roma: Wine Tasting in Rome - With Video
Whether you're enjoying the house wine (no label, served in ceramic jug) at a local trattoria or formally tasting the vintages at a vineyard, Italy offers a wealth of wine experiences. So where can learn a bit about vino? We've found short, fun classes in Rome that you will love. . . . read more
Two Favorite Casual Rome Restaurants
Looking for a casual place to eat in Rome? We've got two new favorites - one is a trattoria near Campo de' Fiori specializing in dishes from Piedmont, the other is a wine bar near the Spanish Steps. . . . read more
Food Tour of the Castelli Romani (Outside Rome)
The towns of Castelli Romani are traditional places for Romans to take a Sunday drive to enjoy peaceful panoramas, the local wine and a perhaps most of all, eat some great food. . . . read more
Where to Shop in Rome Italy: Part Two
In part two of our big shopping guide to Rome, we detail where to buy the best and most affordable gifts, leather goods, jewelry, paper goods and more throughout the Eternal City. . . . read more
One Italian Expert's Guide to Rome: Dianne Hales' Favorites in the Eternal City
Having to traveled to Rome for nearly three decades, this expert on the Italian language recommends her favorite Roman restaurants, where to stay in Rome (including apartment rentals) and what sites not to miss. . . . read more
From Farm to Fork: A New Rome, Italy Tour for Families
This new tour combines farm visits, market tours, cooking lessons and meals exploring the sustainability of the Roman diet and how Italians have remained so connected to the land and the food it produces. . . . read more
A Rome Hotel Suite Unlike Any Other
Did you know that the largest hotel suite in Europe can be found in Rome? All 11,700 square feet of it. Read on to get the latest on what this hotel offers and why an experience here would be surely exceptional. . . . read more
The Dream Interview: Secrets of the Vatican's Sistine Chapel
Imagine that the world's most celebrated fresco, studied and analyzed for hundreds of years, yields hidden messages, undiscovered for five centuries. Those messages contain Jewish symbols and messages of reconciliation between the faiths. These are the provocative contentions of the authors of a new book... . . . read more
Touring Rome's Jewish Ghetto
The founder of the cultural association Rome for Jews offers an eye-opening perspective on one of Rome's most interesting neighborhoods, home to half of Italy's Jews. . . . read more
Hitting the Links: Playing Golf in Italy
There are some incredible golf courses in the Lakes, Tuscany and Lazio where travelers can experience golf in Italy. Lots of details on where to stay, where to play and special Italian golf notes. . . . read more
What's Old is New Again: Site Openings, Reopenings in Sicily, Venice, Rome and Pompeii
Some historic sites in Italy have undergone some changes. Find out what is new at Sicily's Noto Cathedral, Venice's Torre d'Orlogio and in museums in Rome and Pompeii. . . . read more
An Insider's Tour of Roman Cuisine
Planning a trip to Rome? Join New York Times Writer Maureen Fant on her Roman cuisine tour, for a real insiders look at Roman cuisine. Fant, a Manhattan native, has been living in Rome since 1979. . . . read more
Noteworthy Italy Hotel Openings
Check out these new digs in Florence, Milan, Rome, Venice, Puglia, Sicily and Tuscany. Lots of new Italy hotels are opening up and we at Dream of Italy have all the info you need. . . . read more
Inside Villa d'Este's Culinary World
Thinking about heading over to Lake Como? We pull back the "gastronomic curtains" t Lake Como's exclusive Villa d'Este to discover what makes the hotel's culinary offerings so tempting. . . . read more
The Dream Interview: Joe Brancatelli Knows Rome
Looking for an authentic experience? Business travel guru Joe Brancatelli reveals his favorite places in Rome, including wonderful apartment rentals and authentic restaurants undiscovered by the American media. . . . read more
Family Travel: Take the Kids to Italy
Taking the kids along on our trip to Italy this time sent unplanned itineraries and romantic interludes to be buried deep under piles of extra changes of clothes, favorite cuddlies, little books and toys, and pleas from us to leave that special pillow at home. Was this worth the effort? . . . read more
December 2006/January 2007- Special Report: Rome
Our special report on Rome includes detailed reviews of five hotels and five restaurants. We also introduce to a wonderful tour guide and the fascinating Villa Farnesina in Trastevere. Plus where to shop for paper and fashion accessories. And what you need to know about changes at the Vatican Museums and new airport taxi fares. . . . read more
Rest Your Head at These Rome Hotels Including The Portrait Suites
Whole books can and have been written on where to stay in Rome. We cover five Rome hotels from the opulent Portrait Suites, on Via Condotti + owned and run by the Ferragamo family, to the more affordable Hotel Teatro di Pompeo steps from Campo de' Fiori. . . . read more
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